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قديم 03-13-2019, 05:36 PM

الصورة الرمزية apple2000


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تاريخ التسجيل: Mar 2019
الدولة: غير معروف
المشاركات: 633
معدل تقييم المستوى: 0
apple2000 له مواضيع رائعةapple2000 له مواضيع رائعةapple2000 له مواضيع رائعةapple2000 له مواضيع رائعة
apple2000 متواجد حالياً
افتراضي Physan DC Suite Digital Clothing Solution


Physan DC Suite Digital Clothing Solution

Physan DC Suite Digital Clothing Solution | 1.4 Gb

The Physan team is pleased to announce the availability of DC Suite Digital Clothing Solution, is a software system which integrates scientific pattern making, realistic 3D fabric representation, accurate 3D fitting and draping simulation into a single program.

About DC Suite. Physan DC Suite is a program for the design of apparels. It includes all the functions, from pattern-making to simulation to manufacturing in a single program. It also comes with all the functions of manufacturing such as Grading, Seam Allowance, and Descriptionting/Cutting. Features:

S/W Convenience
- The whole process of clothing production, namely, from pattern-making to virtual fitting and Descriptionting/cutting is handled within a single software.
- Provides prototype patterns, accessories, and show rooms.
S/W Stability
- The product is continuously upgraded.
S/W Body
- Identifies and measures more than 100 body landmarks and measurements automatically from the given 3D human body.
- Generates a desired body from the given body size parameters.
Pattern Cad
- Includes sewing information in the CAD data.(This feature enables 3D draping simulation.)
- Equips an easy-to-use user interface
- Compatible with previous CAD systems (via DXF)
- Can import paper patterns (using ordinary digital cameras)
- Connects to the Descriptionter/cutter via USB
- The window works in multiple layers
- Textile images of accurate size can be mapped onto panels at all stages to preview the impression of the outfit in the fitted state.
- Contains the best draping simulation technology.

About Physan, Inc. Physan, Inc. is a company which was established by the graduates of the College of Engineering, Seoul National University, for the development and distribution of Digital Clothing technology. The company actively develops DC Suite and other IT products for the fashion and beauty fields. The company targets both the clothing industry and the CG industry (movie VFX, animation, game). The company takes the orders for producting museum-class digital fashion shows. Physan is leading the world in the Digital Clothing technology. The company has exhibited its products at the global conferences including SIGGRAPH and GDC, which made the company the focus of the media, fashion and CG industries.

About TG3D Studio. TG3D Studio is a 3D Fashion Technology solution provider with an objective to aid the fashion industry embrace and transform digitally. We believe the industry will benefit substantially from the data and digital tools made available through our very own Scanatic product lines, technologies all developed under one roof, to understand better about the shape and curves of the intended target customers, streamline the product development process, and manufacture with more flexibility and on-demand.

Our digitalization tools allow our customers to translate the important ingredients (the body, fabrics, accessories, patterns and garments) of the apparel business into their own digital footprints. Scanatic� 360 Body Scanner is a multi-purpose fitting room with infra-red sensors embedded and allows the consumers to service themselves through the 3-second 3D body scan all through their own Cloudzet� mobile app in a space that can be comfortable, private and well-decorated space. Scanatic� Nuno Fabric Scanner are used by fabric suppliers and retailers to capture the properties necessary to display the fabrics in the most genuine appearance, all in 3D, for simulations and product displays. Fashion designers and pattern makers use the DC Suite to input existing patterns, whether its from paper or already computerized, or draft from scratch and create the assembled garments in 3D with a clear visualization on the fit, silhouette, draping without having to go through numerous rounds of sampling to get things right.

Product: Physan DC Suite
Version: Digital Clothing Solution
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Size: 1.4 Gb





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